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Why this project? - from science to "eScience"

Funding bodies strengthen research data mangement by embedding them in their rules for funded projects. The "Austrian Science Fund" (FWF) is austria largest funding body and it claims that "Open Science" will be one of the major aspects in applying for future funding programs.

"Open Science" is seen as a generic term for the more specific terms "Open Access“, "Open Data“, "Citizen Science“ and "Open Government“ with the purpose of making as much public funded research public as possible. To meet the requirements for "Open Science" an increasingly rapid change from "Science" to "eScience" is going on in scholarly research. This results in a complex research process that regulates the handling of research data in the same way as with publications.

Project objectives?

„e-Infrastructures Austria Plus“ is a project carried out by nine austrian universities running from April 2017 to December 2019 that aims to implement infrastructure for escience. In seven working packages we work on such different themes like RDM-Policies, "machine-actionable data management plans", building institutional repositories for research data, standards for meta data following the FAIR principle, building know-how and infrastructure for persisten identifers and setiing first steps to implement electronic lab notebook systems.