Organs of the association

The internal administrative structure of the partner community consists of the following organs:
(a) The Plenary Assembly acts as the representative body and ultimate decision-making organ.
(b) The project management ensures the optimization of the processes and acts as an intermediary and coordinator between the organs of the partner community and the project partners.
(c) The steering committee provides the basic orientation of the project.


Participation in meetings and decisions

Each voting project partner has one vote. All members of an organ must attend the meetings and the resolutions of the respective organ. In the event of prevention, they must ensure that they are represented or that they vote in advance or in writing, in particular by e-mail, to another member of the institution. A substitute must be informed to the chairman of the respective organ.


Regular meetings / The convening of meetings

The individual organs should meet regularly. Additional meetings may be convened as extraordinary meetings if required. The decision on the necessity of convening an extraordinary meeting shall be taken by decision of the respective organ by a simple majority vote. The decision can be made by means of remote communication (e-mail, telephone) (circular resolution).
The assembly meets at least once a year (spring and / or fall).
The Steering Committee meets at least twice a year.
The convening of meetings / decisions

The chairperson of an organ convenes the next meeting by invitation. The invitations will be sent in text form (e-mail) to the members two weeks in advance and contain the respective agenda items. The voting members can decide by a simple majority during a meeting to include further agenda items.
Resolutions of a two-thirds majority of voting members are required for general assemblies. In the Steering Committee, decisions require a simple majority of the voting members. A committee has a quorum if two thirds of its voting members or their representatives are present. Circulation resolutions are permissible. They may be initiated by the chairperson or coordinator of each institution by submitting a substantiated application to the project management. Their implementation is to be organized by the coordination office and supervised by the project management.