WP3 - Data Management Plans

More and more funding bodies consider data management plans a prerequisite for the meaningful handling of research data in funded projects, and some are already working on templates that must be completed when submitting projects. It is therefore important to quickly build up know-how and expertise in consulting at the partner universities in order to be able to support the scientists. Training and consultation documents from the predecessor project and on-site training by employees of the University of Vienna and the Technology University of Vienna should make this possible.

Up to now, DMPs get created at the start of the project and remain unchanged afterwards. In workpackage "WP1 Research Lifecycle" the stations will be marked, at which the DMP should be supplemented or adapted in the course of the project. This will turn the DMP into a living document that documents how research data will be used in the course of the project.

Data repositories and other tools need to profit from this process and thus so-called "machine-actionable DMPs" are developed in the project together with DCC and UC3 . Information in the DMP, such as the storage duration, is then automatically taken into account in connected systems.

Finally, it will be evaluated if a web service developed jointly by DCC and UC3 is suitable for the central administration of DMPs.