WP4 - Institutional Repositories

This work package has several objectives that selectively get implemented at the partner organizations depending on their interests.

One goal is to create a catalog that lists existing repositories for the research dicipline of all the partner institutions. This takes into account the recommendation that research data should be published as far as possible in global research discipline specific repositories in order to increase the visibility of Austrian research.

Another goal is the presentation of the depositing process in "WP1 Research Lifecycle". This makes clear what preparatory work for the introduction of data into a repository has to be made in the course of the project. If a local institutional repository exists it get's documented at the same time what comprehensible process is adhered to when the data is submitted - this documentation is required, among other things, by the "CoreTrustSeal" as one of the prerequisites for the certification.

Some project participants are aiming for a final goal, the implementation of a local institutional repository, a so-called "Long Tail Repository". Content for this repository includes i.a. research data that does not fit into existing research discipline specific repositories, research data that is not (yet) to be published, research data collaboratively produced with other partners, gray literature, in the sense of unpublished publications, concepts, etc., and research data as well as publications from "Citizen Science", which can be made accessible with local repositories.