WP5 - Describing research data according to the FAIR-Principles

The goal is to develop a metadata framework for repositories in Austria as well as guidelines that work according to the FAIR guidelines (FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data management and stewardship). The search for research data and subsequent project collaborations can only work across repositories if a common set of metadata is created when the data is submitted and if the introduced data is described with "controlled vocabularies". The project wants to create these two conditions.

In the predecessor project "e-infrastructures", metadata and "controlled vocabularies" were already discussed and corresponding preliminary work was done.

The work will thus be continued, checked for aspects that have not yet been realized and completed. Together with the projects "Portfolio / Showroom" and "Open Education Austria", a prototype for a central search infrastructure (in the sense of a harvester) is developed in a cross-project work package, ideally this work package should be integrated and processed identically in the other two projects.