WP1 - Research Lifecycle Patterns

The work package fulfils two tasks. First it should serve as a connecting and controlling element in the project. The project develops results in many areas of the research process and both requirements analysis and implementing the working packages depends on many stakeholders in many different positions within the partners organisations.

The work package aims to:

  • develop a generalized "research lifecycle", that creates a shared vocabulary and a common view on the research process in all the partners institutions.
  • fit the generalized "research lifecycle" to the local circumstances of the partners. With this the stakeholders for the research process in the partners institutions get defined.
  • file the working packages in the "research lifecycle" and thus connects the working packages to the local stakeholders.
  • create "use cases" for the working packages used for requirements analysis.

The second task concerns the the creation of research data. Previous projects carried out in Austria focused on infrastructure for the results of research - ie "finished" research data. How scientists create this data in an optimal way and what tools they need for it, has not yet been raised. This work package creates a collection of "Research Lifecycle Patterns" to help scientists implement their projects. This results in a list of research discipline specific tools that the scientists need to practice eScience. Not every university has to cover all disciplines, the cooperation between the partner institutions leads to a broader range of services and better advice by suitable experts for the scientists.